Student Festival

26th-28th June 2015


We all took part in the Student Dance and Theatre festival last week at the Wales Millennium Centre. There was a range of different talks on all things theatre related. There were also a number of different workshops which we all took part in, which were fab.


We also had the chance to perform `The Reluctant Dragon` to the other students who were taking part in the festival. Think it was fair to say we were all a little scared about doing so - why I don't know?! It went so well, everyone seemed to love it and some of the audience memebers came up to us at the end to give their feedback, which was all so possitive. We were all over the moon!


We can't wait to just get on tour now, which is only a number of days away (which is crazy!).


Other News


We can all proudly announce that we have all done well in our degree results and we will all be graduating with BA Hons in either Acting or Theatre Design and Production on Tuesday 7th July 2015. 



We have recently joined Instagram, we thought this would be a great way to show our tour in pictures as we are going to some beautiful locations this summer. So keep your eyes peeled. Our instagram username is BOtheatreco. Give us a follow! 



As a company for some mad reason, we have decided that we're going to do video diaries of parts of the tour so friends, family and colleagues can watch what we are getting up to. This was Joshua's idea so don't hold anyone else responsible for what he may record in the coming weeks.


The video diaries will be posted on our facebook page. Keep updated! 



Summer 2015

The summer tour of The Reluctant Dragon is now complete. We’ve had a blast and it’s been a massive success.


It has been a bigger production than we had ever thought. The show has been seen by over 4,000 people in England and Wales, also a few Europeans. We were luckily enough to tour to some stunning venues over the summer; we also got to meet some lovely people on the way. We have all created some great memories which we will carry on with us throughout our careers.


We want to take this time to thank all the parents who really looked after each of us, whether that was putting us up, providing us with food, doing our washing or listening to our camping stories. We would like to thank the Davies family who put us up in their lovely farm house for 4 nights – so kind. Last but not least we would like to thank Peter and Kath Thomas, we all now consider you as life time friends, thank you for your support and hospitality. Oh and not forgetting Nigel Pond who seemed to take up the role of our marketing officer whilst on tour over social media.


We have all now gone our own ways. Melissa is now working with a children’s touring theatre company in her home town, Surrey. Hannah is also working with a children’s touring theatre company, she has now moved to Exeter. Josh and Scott both now have agents and are seeking employment. The two Tom’s are also seeking employment and are both moving to Cardiff in the very near future. Last but not least, Sean, he is taking a year out to get some money together before doing a MA.


We haven’t ruled out doing another tour next year after having great responses from all the venues. It will be a lengthy process and one we will update you all on in the near future.


Here’s to a great summer.

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